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I am Austria

A mountain bike tour through Austria’s diverse landscape

Austria is situated at the heart of Europe. For this very reason, we have always been a place of dialogue, trying to build bridges between the different European economies and cultures. Austria is, after all, a country where nature and culture, history and high technology, bathing lakes and high mountains, as well as regional progress and urban innovation all come together. It is this scenic and cultural diversity that makes our country an open, joyful, creative and hospitable member of the European Union.

I am nature

At sunrise, a mountain biker sets off from a mountain hut, taking us on a tour that shows the diversity of both Austria and its people.

I am sustainability

Agriculture and regional development play an important role in Austria. We are striving to be a role model in the area of sustainability and, under the motto “Green Presidency”, are placing great importance on sustainable event management.

I am handcraft

Authentic traditions are kept alive in Austria and practiced in various ways, with craftsmanship forming a unique part of the cultural heritage of the country. Our economy is founded on numerous small and medium sized enterprises. They are also one of the focal points of the Austrian Presidency’s national programme.

I am tradition

Knowledge of classical craftsmanship and traditional manufacturing methods is handed down from one generation to the next and adapted to modern times using creativity and ingenuity, as we try to protect time-honoured practices and, at the same time, develop them further.  

I am hi-tech

Engineering and technology are also gaining more and more importance in the digital age. The support of skilled workers, a European-wide endeavour, helps secure our competitiveness. One of the priorities of the Austrian Presidency’s programme, securing European competitiveness, means never losing sight of digitalisation and the rapid changes it entails.

I am research

With the largest research and development programme worldwide, innovation comes alive in Europe. Cross-border support is indispensable if we want to stay abreast of scientific developments and be well prepared for the future.

I am culture

The Austrian Presidency takes place during the European Year of Cultural Heritage. Despite their individual character, Europe’s countries and regions are closely linked to each other – by their common European history, common values and a common cultural legacy. Europe is united in art.

I am security

“A Europe that protects” – that’s the motto of the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. United in diversity, the European Union guarantees prosperity, competitiveness, the respect of human rights and security for all EU citizens.

I am Austria

During the Austrian Presidency we want the spirit of the European Union to reach into every single town and village in Austria. 175 events will be organised all over the country – and that’s not including those taking place in the Austrian capital Vienna. Ministers will meet in Innsbruck, Salzburg, Linz, Graz, Schloß Hof, Bregenz and, naturally, Vienna.

I am Europe

In order to overcome the challenges it faces, the EU must ensure that all EU member states pursue a joint approach. In line with its traditional role as bridge builder, Austria will endeavour during its Council presidency to contribute to the unity within the EU.



Federal Chancellery of Austria/ Bundeskanzleramt Österreich 2018


Cast (in order of appearance)

Theresa Ferstl (mountain biker)
Helga Krifter (landlady of the Glasner Hütte)
Gabriele Kerndler (Kerndlerhof)
Johann Kerndler (Kerndlerhof)
Andreas Holzer (Helmer Carpentry)
Peter Grassmayr (Grassmayr Bell Foundry)
Thomas Resch (Heron Group)
Johannes Schreiber (Heron Group)
Delyana Stoeva (Vienna Open Lab)
Katharina Klawatsch (Vienna Open Lab)
Martina Bischof (violinist)
Revierinspektorin Marilies D. (police officer)
Inspektor Marco M. (police officer)

Testimonials (in order of appearance)

Glasner Hütte
Helmer Carpentry
Grassmayr Bell Foundry
Heron Group
Vienna Open Lab
Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna
Provincial Police Directorate of Vienna


Federal Chancellery of Austria
Hans Hofer (cinematography/editor)
Peter Scharinger (cinematography/editor)
Claudia Cornez (producer)
Ines Bind (producer)

Weitblick Film
Deniz Blazeg (director/editor)
Florian Höhlich (director/cinematography)

Christopher Macher (gaffer)
Peter Priemer (sound design/music)
Liane Baal (makeup artist)
Barbara Cernek (makeup artist)
Daniel Hollerweger (colourist)
Sebastian Bobik (producer)

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